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Swindon Coat of Arms
Umpire Play Scoring Steve out lbw scoring 2 raining raining heavily lunch stumps

Umpire Mike Denton at the ready

Swindon IF team win the toss and choose to bat -let play begin

Dean and Shaun keeping the score

Steve: First batsman out

Alan: Lbw given by the 2nd umpire.  Surely not!

Still scoring!  Peter lending a hand this time!

End of the first innings

Swindon Interfaith have 100 runs but then.........

Over came the clouds

And down came the rain

Lunch was taken

The intrepid Dean rescued the stumps

Play was abandoned for the day.  BUT.......

.... A re-match  was arranged........

The first ever Swindon Interfaith Cricket Team v Rodbourne Green.  T20 match 7th August 2011

Cricket 2.