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Swindon Coat of Arms

Meetings in 2012

WE PLANTED TREES IN LYDIARD IN JANUARY 2012!  Click  here to see some photos.

Is it OK to believe? - With Katherine T Owen

A visit to the ‘Penny’ -St Augstines  - Church in Summer Street, Rodbourne

T20 cricket

Poetry at TWIGS in the Round House

Annual One World Week celebration - Sharing our destiny

Faith in Youth see some of the conversation points here

Meetings in 2013

Favourite festivals/significant days.  

A Celebration of 21 years of Interfaith in Swindon!  

T20 Cricket

Poems and Prose in The Garden at TWIGS

Surveillance from a Faith Perspective - this was a workshop style meeting

and some comments that arose around the whole use of surveillance in

our society can be found here

Annual Celebration - More than enough?  This was once again part of

One World Week and you can see some photos of what went on here