About Us

The primary purpose of the Swindon Inter-Faith Group  (SIFG) is to exist as a resource for contact and dialogue between Faiths. We are members of the UK Interfaith Network.

The SIFG was established in 1990 by the representatives from different faith communities with the aim of helping to build and maintain good relations and a greater understanding between them.

The SIFG does not attempt to convert people of one faith into another; they are simply sharing each others beliefs

The SIFG helps with problems, through dialogue and mutual education to remove cultural prejudice, ignorance and misunderstanding.

We seek to live together in peace and goodwill. We promote respect and courtesy for the integrity of each others beliefs, cultures and traditions.

We encourage people to put aside prejudice to attain peaceful and fruitful coexistence.

Membership of the SIFG shall be free and open to all individuals who:

  • reside, work or worship in the Borough of Swindon
  • agree with the aims of SIFG

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