History of Events


Achieving Peace and Reconciliation – Faith Leader’s Question Time, what can local faith groups achieve?

Pizza & Prayer @ TWIGS

Swindon Interfaith Walk

The Swindon Interfaith AGM

“Developing an educational program for young people in post-communist
countries and in Palestine”


Emerging from COVID – some meetings in person, others still on Zoom
Talk on Buddhism
Paganism 101 Presentation at AGM
Visit: Avebury Stone Circle & Church – with food & stories around the camp fire
Pizza & Poetry at TWIGS
An evening at the Sikh Gurdwara
Devotional Film night
Called to be Light
Meet the Latter Day Saints
Muslim Sufi Devotional
Rally of Hope
Celebrating 30 years of Swindon interfaith Group


Visit: Local Hindu Temple at Cheney Manor
COVID-19 hits all meetings so the following Interfaith Week events held on Zoom
Faith & the Environment
Quiz night
Muslim Sufi Devotional
Rally of Hope
Inspirational film night


Faiths for peace?
Caring for our Environment
Prayers, Poems, Music & Pizzas at TWIGS
Remembrance Reflections at St Augustine’s
Film night
Charity Fast – Celebrating Ramadan
Sufi evening at Al Habib Centre
A question of Faith
Faith & Charity
Faith & Dementia


Litter picking at Stratton
Poems and Readings in the Roundhouse at TWIGS
Marking Interfaith Week
Joined UK Interfaith Network
Charity Fast – Celebrating Ramadan


Video made about the Interfaith Group
Music at St Augustines
Interfaith Walk
Inspirational readings at TWIGS


Gender, Culture & Faith
Musical Faith stories
Interfaith 3 mile walk
‘Including you’
Life choices film night


Faith perspectives on Peace
Islam Fact & Fiction
Hope in an uncertain world – readings at TWIGS
Coach trip – Unification Training Centre, Devizes
Film night
Picnic & Painting at TWIGS
Hope in Action


Character Education
Interfaith Challenge – a quiz on the Faiths
Diversity Week at New College
Film night
Radio programme Interfaith on Flame FM
Cricket: T30 against Motorola
Visit to Holy Rood Church, Lawn


Favourite Festivals
AGM – A celebration of 21 years of Interfaith in Swindon!
Poems and Prose in the Iron Age Roundhouse at TWIGS
Cricket: T20 versus Rodbourne Green
The Age of Digital Surveillance
One World Week: More than Enough?


Tree planting at Lydiard
Is it ok to believe?
Visit: St Augustines, Rodbourne – The Penny Church
Poems in the round at Twigs
Two T20 cricket matches v Rodbourne Green
Civic event: Faith perspectives on sharing destiny
Faith in youth


Five ways to save the planet using your Faith
A day in the life of a Druid
Reflections on art and architecture
Cricket – T20 v Rodbourne Green
Garden party at TWIGS
Faith, Culture and food
Civic event: Living for One World


AGM – what next?
Visit: Sikh Gurdwara, Gorse Hill
Attachment and Loss
Baha’i Life
Presentation of Bench at TWIGS
Civic event: Peaceing together One World


Do we worship money?
The Faith Garden progresses
What is health?
Playing God – what do different Faiths think about genetic engineering?
Civic event: Telling our story


How religious education is taught in schools
Faith with Action – how different Faiths speak of Justice with an introduction to Fairtrade
Planning a Faith garden
Citizenship and Religion
Talk by Shaykh Ibrahim Mogra
Visit: Jewish Synagogue in Oxford
Civic event: Growing Together
Buddhism today and tomorrow


AGM – Readings from some Mystic traditions
Faith in Daily life
The Environment – an exploration in stories and texts from sacred writings
Why do we need religion?
Civic event: Hope


A life for Faith
Life Cycle Series: Birth
Life Cycle Series: Coming of age
Life Cycle Series: Marriage/Life Partnership
Civic Event: Live Cycle Series: Celebration of Life
Life Cycle Series: Death – or is it?


Prayer as understood by different Faiths
A look at Seventh day Adventists
Communities of Faith and their incredible importance
My life and Faith
Visit: Shri Venkateshwara (Balaji) Hindu Temple, Sikh Gurdwara, Soho Road and Buddhist
Peace Pagoda, Ladywood.
How religions deal with violence
Civic event: Celebration of light


Talking of Faith – what’s the point?
Science and Religion: An Interfaith Perspective
Islam in Britain
Civic event: Love and Unity – Celebration of Faiths in Swindon
Fusion of East and West


Can we pray together?
Prayers for Peace
International events and their local effects – sharing concerns and prays for the peace of the world and Swindon.
Multi-faith perspectives on pastoral care
How the Religions can contribute to peace
Visit: Palladian Picnic and Brahma Kumaris Global Retreat Centre
Imagine…..Religious Unity


Islam in Modern Times
Visit: Sikh Temple, Gorse Hill
Buddhist Folk Religion in Sri Lanka
Hindu Stories


Interfaith opportunities in neighbourhood renewal
Learning and Skills Council Swindon Learning Partnership
Faith perspectives on illness, disease and disability
The Sikhs
Visit: Brahma Kumaris Global Retreat Centre
Do we need to go to a place of worship to pray?
Islam and the Contemporary Perspective


Discovering Faith
Visit: Amaravati, Buddhist Temple & Hare Krishna Hindu Temple
Spiritual care for people in hospital
Matching cultural needs in Swindon’s hospital
Visit: Tranquillity Zone


Do we need tradition in religion?
New Society: New Religious Marketplace
Human values
Death & Bereavement
Readings for world peace


Do we need tradition in religion?
New Society: New Religious Marketplace
Human values
Death & Bereavement
Readings for world peace


What is human nature?
Faith & Politics
Faith & Miracles
Celebrating Jewish Festivals


Interpretation of Holy books
Visit: Baha’i Feast
Visit: St Pauls Cathedral, Regents Park Mosque & Hindu Temple, Neasdon
Symbols of Faith
Buddhist Meditation


The divine plan
Visit: Sikh Gurdwara, North St
Who is God?
Visit: Hindu community at worship at Plus One Centre
What shall we tell the children?


Place of women in religion
Free will
The existence of death


The role of Faith in modern society