Logo Competition

Here at Swindon Interfaith, we are looking for a new Logo!

As we are all about the community, we thought we would open it up to our members and the general public to send in their designs – and so here we are launching a competition!

As we are a not-for-profit organisation, we are offering a small prize of £20 in vouchers for the winner!

All of the submissions will be uploaded to the website and we will open up to a public vote!

All you have to is submit your design by e-mail to swindoninterfaithgroup@gmail.com by 31st December 2018. The winner will be announced in the new year, so please remember to give us your name and contact details so we can let you know!

A few rules & notes

  • You can design the logo in any format, but it must be submitted electronically as an image via e-mail.
  • The final winner will be chosen by the Swindon Interfaith Committee, considering the results of the public vote.
  • By submitting your design you are agreeing for the image to be hosted on swindoninterfaith.org. If your design is chosen as the winner you are agreeing for the image to become property of Swindon Interfaith and used on our Website and in all other marketing materials.
  • By giving us your contact details, you are agreeing for Swindon Interfaith using your personal data to contact you about your submission. We will not hold onto or process this information for any other reason, without seeking your prior permission.
  • These rules are subject to change and alteration at the discretion of Swindon Interfaith Committee.

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