Interfaith Week 2018

This year we celebrated Interfaith week for the second time here in Swindon.

We’d like to say a big thank-you to those of you who joined us for the event and shared the experience.

We chose this year to host an interfaith worship where each faith was asked to present something from another faith – sharing a prayer or quote thy felt was meaningful to them. It was really wonderful to see so many people brave the stage and share a quote, song or prayer.

We also had a wonderful experience of all joining together in a specially written version of Hallelujah (lyrics below).

We hope you enjoyed the evening! Our next event will be in January, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

“Hallelujah/Praise to God” 

(a Swindon Interfaith song of Unity in Worship)


I want you all to sing with me,

my sisters, brothers, friends to be,

this song of worship, one of unity.

For we may have our different ways

to show our God how much we praise

and worship on our seat or feet or knees.

God be worshipped, 

Pure, Eternal, 

True, All-knowing,

How we love You


I know there is a power today

with strength to lead us through our day.

Some give a name and praise to God almighty.

That influence will carry me

to places I so want to be

where peace prevails and all is light and holy.


God be worshipped, ….


I have this faith, I have this hope,

which brings me comfort, helps me cope,

that when life’s storms surround me fearfully

I know my God can rescue me,

brings love, compassion, chance to be

the one who lifts a sister close to me.


God be worshipped, ….


The wisdom of our God is clear

and teaches me that I should hear

the cry of others scattered far and near.

For when my brother calls for aid

I ask not to which God he’s prayed.

My eyes see one so precious and so dear.


God be worshipped, ….


I want you all to sing with me,

my sisters, brothers, friends to be,

this song of worship, one of unity.

Though we arrived from different ways

my presence here tonight still says

I want to stand with you and join in praise


God be worshipped, ….

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