Interfaith Charity Fast, celebrating Ramadan- 22nd May 2019

To coincide with the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, the Swindon Interfaith Group are inviting friends to fast for one day in order to,

 Raise awareness about hunger and poverty both nationally and internationally  
 Experience the health and spiritual benefits that can be gained from fasting
 Raise funds for local charities that give short term and long term help to Swindon’s homeless

Everyone that fasts will be invited to an evening dinner hosted by the Muslim Community, where they will also be encouraged to donate the money that would have been spent on food and drink for that day. In addition, the Muslim community will donate £10 for every person that takes part in the fast.

The day of the fast will be Wednesday 22nd May 

Instructions for fasting.

Muslims will be fasting from dawn until sunset (3.15am till 9.05pm), without any food or water, but as most people will not have fasted before, or infrequently, the instructions for the charity fast are as follows,

 Eat your usual breakfast meal at no later than 8.00am
 You may not eat anything until we break the fast at 9.23pm
 If you feel thirsty, you may drink some water only, but try not to drink too much.
 Please continue to take any prescribed or necessary medication.

Go about your usual routine, but if you can, try and take time to pray or meditate at least once during the day.

Arrive at the Al Habib Islamic Centre, Chapel St by 8.30pm where there will be a short discussion on homelessness and the work of local homeless charities. We will then “break” the fast with dinner and no doubt much sharing of the fasting experience!

If you would like to participate in the fast, please contact any member of the Swindon Interfaith Group, or confirm via the website contact form ( so that we can collate numbers for the dinner and also add numbers for the “Just Giving” page.

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