Faith & Charity

Thank-you to everyone who attended our discussion on Faith and Charity last week, we hope that you all enjoyed the event.

We were honoured to host Pradeep Bhardwaj from Swindon Hindu Temple who gave an interesting and informative talk on the concept of Faith and Charity from a Hindu perspective, we then had a series of questions and answers that Pradeep was kind enough to participate in.

We had originally been due to have a talk from Islamic Relief, unfortunately they were unavailable due to a recent disaster situation in Africa. We didn’t have a chance to share this on the evening, but here is a short video about the work of Islamic Relief:

We also wanted to share this short video on Charity from a non-religious perspective, which the committee found interesting:

Our next event is Monday 15th April, 7pm at St. Augustine’s Church on Summers Street, Even Swindon.

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