A Question of Faith 2

We hope you are well and enjoying this spring season. Our next event is at the invitation of the Parish of St Augustine’s in Rodbourne.
When:   7pm on Monday 15th April 2019
Venue:  St Augustine’s Church, Summers Street, SN2 2HA
This is the second year of the series of Lent Talks at St Augustine’s and Kenny Baxter will be explaining the history of Swindon Interfaith and what we have been doing over the many years since Vernon and Margaret Griffiths started the group in the 1990’s.
Please come and hear about the efforts of our interfaith group to make good relations between the different faith communities in Swindon. 
If you have never visited St Augustine’s it is definitely worth seeing, sometimes known as the “Penny Church” as it was funded mainly by railway worker’s donations of one penny for each brick.

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